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Mexico Customs in San Antonio - Cinco De Mayo

Mexico Customs in San Antonio - Cinco De Mayo

October 12, 2011

For people in the United States, especially in San Antonio, Cinco De Mayo is really a big day for people to celebrate. Originally, Cinco de Mayo is the day the Mexican army defeated the French army at The Battle of Puebla in May 5th, 1862. Nowadays, Cinco De Mayo is going locations and a lot of some other metropolitan areas nationwide also celebrate this particular event. But, the main remains unchallenged. As a result, if you are searching to relish everything that Cinco De Mayo is wearing present, you have to be at San Antonio in early May possibly. Make certain nevertheless, to reserve your hotel rooms nicely prior to the event timetable so that you can stay away from some of the last-minute blues. We imagine you may have a very good time in San Antonio through Cinco De Mayo!


For the 2nd biggest town of Colorado - San Antonio, Cinco De Mayo has its own particular significance as a result of great number of website visitors converging on area because of this celebration year after year. Your Market Square inside San Antonio could be the location for that most significant celebration. The particular celebration incorporates a big supplying of Mexican foods and drinks from the neighborhood distributors as well as clearly a lot of music in the people.

What to Do during This Festival?

1. Michelada can be a soda well-known in the celebrations. You must look with this distinctive ingest since soda merchant will even provide a pack involving sodium, calcium and also chili natural powder to become put together to the consume. Test your mixture as soon as and you may get the uniqueness on this cocktail. Additionally, many other Mexico refreshments can be found with all over the place in San Antonio.

2. In addition to great drink and food, lots of benches are given about the outside in the market place region and you will relax and enjoy the process. However, you need to be an early wager to get any seats with traditional Market Square due to the big populace in the pub in the special event.

3. Typically, the party associated with Cinco De Mayo inside San Antonio's Market Square commences with 6: Double zero pm. Nevertheless, some kid-friendly actions might begin with 12:00 noon. Great concert events could be held from Elgin Path and open to people without charge. Often, there are also a couple of daylong audio festivals which can be also no cost.

4. If you are planning to commemorate Cinco De Mayo throughout San Antonio, tend not to miss the celebration with Plaza Guadalupe which brings large packed areas for the town every year. A wide variety of totally free events as well as entertainments would happen as of this method as well.

Which Family Friendly San Antonio Attractions are Great for Weekenders?

Which Family Friendly San Antonio Attractions are Great for Weekenders?

June 2, 2011

Well, it is Friday. What's your plan for the approaching weekend? Sleeping, shopping, cleaning, cooking and playing computer games? Why not try something other than the routines? You can take a short trip to San Antonio with your family, if possible, since this city has many a wonderful family friendly attraction, particularly on weekends.

SeaWorld San Antonio is pretty popular among kids. This nearly 250 acres aquarium is one of the world's largest marine life adventure parks and is also a wonderful family entertainment showplace. Children will be glad to see the cuddly dolphins playing in water and other sea animals. It has many sensational shows, thrilling rides, animal attractions and even educational activities in its four separated parks. Both you and your family will have a wonderful time here.


Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a unique one among the Six Flags parks partly in that it locates in an uncommon place. This is the exact place to remind you of your childhood and you always can't help joining your kids in thrilling rides.

Hemisfair Park is just a short walk from the River Walk. It was built for the 1968 World's Fair. It is famous for being the locating place of Tower of the Americas, which has wonderful view of San Antonio downtown area at night. Kids are always like to go to the top the tower to have an overlooking view. The park also houses several museums and many fountains, providing entertainment for both kids and adults.

San Antonio Museum of Art offers a wide range of art works. Paintings, antiquities, photographs, sculptures and decorative arts from Asia, Europe and Latin America and other continents are to be seen here. American folk arts of the pre-Columbian as well as the contemporary era are also available.

Useful Info About Trips to San Antonio Alamodome

Useful Info About Trips to San Antonio Alamodome

May 19, 2011

Maybe you have watched a lot of wonderful games on TV, or you have ever been to some NBA professional basketball stadiums, but you may be still wondering to find out the most well known stadiums used by the NBA and the history about these stadiums. Alamodome.jpgSince there are many kinds of famous stadiums, it is difficult to talk all about them. This article will give you some introduction about the most popular stadium in San Antonio city- the Alamodome.

1. Alamodome opened to the public on May 15 in 1993 at a cost of approximately $186 million. It is under the charge of the San Antonio city. The Alamodome is multi purpose facility which serves both as a convention center and basketball stadium. Alamodome is known as the home of the San Antonio Spurs until they moved to the AT&T center. The San Antonio Spurs played basketball at Alamodome for nearly half a century.

2. The Alamodome is big enough to hold 65000 spectators and can be expanded up to 72000, which makes it very possible to host a Super Bowl. The arena configuration will take nearly 18 hours to set up retractable seating. The arena configuration can be seated with 20662 audiences and when the upper level is also opened it can hold over 39500 people. Alamodome is really a great stadium for people to watch big and wonderful games and matches.

3. At first, the luxury suites were limited to 38 because the San Antonio Spurs were the only occupants in the past periods. In the year of 2006, the San Antonio City added 14 new deluxe suites, adding the number of deluxe suites to 52. Now there are 52 sumptuous suites and 6000 club level seats within this huge stadium.